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Human Slingshot: A State Fair Tradition

August 13, 2015

By Hannah Bree, Janelly Gonzalez, Zoe Stack State Fair has always been a place for fun and excitement. From fried goods to thrilling rides, State Fair has it all. One of the many rides is the Human Slingshot: an attraction that’s been around for more than 18 years. “I love the 0G feeling and the feeling of being tossed around up there, the feeling of weightlessness for a few seconds...it's awesome,”...

Showing Sheep is a Life Passion

August 13, 2015

By Aidan Gabriel and Spencer Johnson Bringing sheep from their farm in Green County to compete at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis is more than an annual event for Danielle Pernot and her brother.  It is their life. “Son, we’ve been coming here for twenty six years.” Pernot’s farm typically manages between 30 and 40 ewes (A ewe – pronounced “you” - is a female sheep). Each entrant...

Try to Fool This Guesser

August 13, 2015

By Aidan Gabriel and Spencer Johnson For five dollars, he will guess your weight within three pounds, your age within two years, or your birth month within two months. He’s not a con man, and it’s not a gimmick. “I’m not always right, but I’m almost always close,” said Richard Nelson. Nelson said his skill came to him by accident. He spent six years in the army special forces where he...

Flying Under the Radar

August 6, 2014

Cream puffs? Corn dogs? Deep-fried bacon on a stick? How about a hilarious lesson on power and saving the peregrine falcon? Don't knock it too quickly, the last option is probably the best. When one thinks about the Wisconsin State Fair, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't WE Energies. Ironically, the WE Energies pavilion is one of the most action-filled locations at the State Fair....

A Puff Above the Rest

August 6, 2014

By: Deanna Ross and Dana Gaertner While most foods exhibited at the Wisconsin State Fair have a mere stand to commemorate their existence, one delicious item in particular stands above the rest in it’s own pavillion. The cream puff. On Tuesday August 6th, 2014, the Cream Puff Pavillion at the Wisconsin State Fair was swarmed with dairy lovers alike. Shirley Louis could be spotted across the distance...

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