West Side Stories

Another Program to Cut

February 23, 2011

To commemorate the centennial birthday of Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin was one of several speakers to speak at a banquet in California. Among other things, Palin complained the government is “spending too much” and “controlling too much”. She was presumably unaware of the irony within her statement, because capital punishment does both. The traditional conservative position on the subject of c...

West Crime Rate Drops

January 13, 2011

Posters admonishing students to lock up their belongings or put them at risk of being stolen are prevalent throughout Wauwatosa West, with the majority being located in, or near, gym hallways and locker rooms. Surprisingly, out of the 16 thefts this year, 12 occurred in the locker rooms because items were left in un­locked lockers or laying around out­side, despite signs telling students to keep track o...

Legalizing Marijuana

August 18, 2010

In the revealing question of how full a glass is with water, an optimist is known for the opinion that the glass is “half full”; the pessimist for reporting that the glass is half empty. For realists like myself, the question is trivial and meaningless. The value of the question is indeed not scientific, but somewhat metaphysical. Realism, unmarred by optimistic or pessimistic doctrine, is our...

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