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New Dress Code In Place for 2018-19 School Year

New Dress Code In Place for 2018-19 School Year

Sara Stanislawski and Maddie Bishop

September 9, 2018

West’s dress code policy significantly changed for the 2018-2019 school year after the Wauwatosa School District worked last year to create an equitable learning experience designed to ensur...

Controversy of Hoodies

Controversy of Hoodies

April 8, 2018

Throughout the years and generations, hoodies have been given a negative outlook because of the events that are paired with the clothing. Some believe that hoodies are what define so...

Students Protest Dress Code

May 22, 2014

Students staged a sit-in in the Learning Center in Wauwatosa West before and during the beginning of first hour Thursday. Beginning at about 7:45, approximately 25 students gathered at the tables in the Learning Center to protest the school’s dress code. They specifically objected to the administration’s requirement that a student's shorts come down to the student's first knuckle. In the pas...

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