West Side Stories

Silly Bandz

January 16, 2011

Standing in the hallways at Wauwatosa West, one might notice a strange ac­cessory appearing on the wrists of many students. At first glance one might think they are florescent rubber bands, but no, these increas­ingly popular bracelets are Silly Bandz and their popu­larity has exploded over the past few months. Originally designed in Japan as a more durable office rubber band in 2002, they have...

Ban a Burqa, Ban a Muslim

August 18, 2010

In 2004, France banned Muslim headscarves, Jewish caps, Sikh turbans, and Christian crosses in its private schools. Now, it and several other countries, including Belgium and Sweden, are attempting to ban burqas, coverings for Muslim women that cover the entire body, including the face. The governments of these countries believe that burqas do not allow Muslim women to freely express themselves. Not only th...

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