West Side Stories

Back to Back with the Sauters

October 25, 2011

To illustrate the differences and similarities of the West experience over the decades, West reporter Katherine Janiszewski interviewed senior Ellen Sauter and her father, Doug Sauter, a Wauwatosa West alumnus. 1) What was (is) the grossest in the school lunch? Ellen: [The grossest thing is] the yogurt, the fruit and the salad bar. Mr. Sauter: I never ate much in the cafeteria because of all of it was pretty ...

West Gets New Tennis Courts

August 31, 2011

During the summer you may have noticed a lot of construction going on by the tennis courts. The old courts were ripped down, so now the Wauwatosa West tennis team has a fresh set of new blue and green courts. The money came from the district capital improvement funds, and our school has been asking for this money for 5 years. The school’s old tennis courts were there for about 42 years. They were th...

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