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Class of 2012 Graduation

June 17, 2012

Beginning at 1 o'clock on Saturday, June ninth, nearly 250 people graduated from Wauwatosa West High School, ending four years at the school. The ceremony was begun with the singing of the national anthem, performed by Erin Murphy, as well as speeches by Katie Adams, district superintendent Dr. Phil Ertl, and Waj Ali, respectively. Sally MacGillis, mother of graduate Elle MacGillis, said that sh...

The Story Behind the Story

February 23, 2012

They're off to see the President, the wonderful President of America, when he's in Milwaukee, of course. Four West Side Stories reporters, Seniors Ellyn Kirtley, Luke Salamone, and Zakiya Robinson, and Junior Kylie Hogrefe were given the opportunity to join professional reporters and writers covering President Obama's visit to Milwaukee on February 15. The President had come to speak to employees of Milwaukee's Masterlock plant. The ...

Tip Your Cap to a Veteran

November 11, 2011

Wauwatosa West's newly formed Student Life Committee is sponsoring a Veteran's Day fundraiser this year. Students will be able to wear any type of hat they please (not including those that are inappropriate for school, of course) on Veterans Day—Friday, November 11. To do this, one simply has to make a donation of at least one dollar at the table set up in the Learning Center. This buys a ...

Eyes on Crime

May 3, 2011

Ellyn Kirtley It would be hard to miss the haphazardly  tangled masses of brightly colored wires protruding from the hallway ceilings earlier this year.  It would also be hard to miss the new, ominous-seeming security cameras clustered around the building. Wauwatosa West High School previously had several security cameras, but according to School Resource Officer Braun, “[West] had a really ant...

Intramural Basketball Association

January 13, 2011

Forty pairs of shoes squeaked on the gym floor as members of this year’s IBA teams sprinted back and forth across four courts in the large and small gyms. Teammates and student spectators watched and cheered from the sidelines. Originally, IBA was sporadic, but over the years, it has become an integral aspect of Wauwatosa West’s culture and history. Tom Norstrem and Brad Schuster were the m...

Spirt Week Wednesday: Down South/Costume Day

October 13, 2010

Day three of 2010’s Homecoming Week started off with an epic light saber battle as Darth Maul (Mr. Prothero) and a challenging Jedi (Mr. Matekse) battled it out in both the hallway outside the history wing, and the Learning Center.  Students gathered to watch, cheering and taking pictures.  After all, it’s not every day that West teachers challenge each other to duels.           ...

Synchronized Skating

August 18, 2010

Twenty-four blades slice through the ice in near perfect synchronization as the Wisconsin Edge Open Juvenile team practices their routine at the Pettit National Ice Center. Twelve girls link arms and arrange themselves to resemble three spokes of a wheel, rotating in time to the music. Sophomore Ruth Gebremedhin is a member of a synchronized skating team run by Wisconsin Edge. This organization has...

A helping Hand

August 18, 2010

First hour, Monday through Thursday, Freshman Matthew VanEerden pushes a cart filled with office supplies down the hallways of Wauwatosa West. He hardly seems to take ten steps before he is greeted by a friend. As he passes classrooms filled with students, many of them looking less than eager to be at school, he often peers in. When he sees a friend, Matthew waves, and the student brightens. However,...

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