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Delaware Candidate Unfit

November 15, 2010

Dear Christine O’Donnell, Let me speak for ladies everywhere when I say that you have been doing a fine job representing us in your campaign for the Delaware Senate seat. We love the absolutist views on life and the unrelenting support of guns—issues important for all ladies, as we prefer to use revolvers to protect our unborn fetuses. Your campaign has been just gorgeous, if I do say so myself,...

West Students Discuss Supreme Court

August 29, 2010

Andy O'Leary In the roughly one-and-a-third year’s worth of time that has passed since Barack Obama took his oath as the 44th President of the United States, I’ve established myself among my politically active friends as one of his more persistent liberal critics. From certain parts of the stimulus bill to his sudden pre-oil spill change of heart on offshore oil drilling and even his stance on so...

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