West Side Stories

A New Year at West

September 10, 2012

September 4th is finally here and Tosa West's newest students are the first to don its halls. Feelings of excitement and anxiety are inevitable. Kelly Tucker, the parent of a freshman, admits her daughter "was both excited and nervous" for the first day but assures her "it will all be okay." The overwhelming feeling from the adults in the building today is that of support. Social Studies Teacher...

Largest Snowfall of the Year in Tosa

February 24, 2012

Without the typical winter weather that we’re used to in Wisconsin, people haven’t had to deal with the hassle of snowed-in sidewalks and slippery roads. The average snow accumulation in the Milwaukee area is typically between 40-50 inches every year, and so far this winter we have had less than 20. The sudden snowfall came as a shock, and brought mixed emotions among the students here at West...

The Theatre, the Theatre

January 21, 2012

Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over on your Friday and Saturday nights? Why not try something new? We live in Milwaukee, which is—believe it or not—one of the most active theatre communities in the country. Take advantage of all of the wonderful productions it has to offer. Take a date and share an exciting and different experience…make a night out of it: a lovely dinner...

APPSE Team to DC Again!

January 16, 2012

On Saturday morning of January 14, 2012, Wauwatosa West’s We the People Team participated in the state We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution competition at Marquette University. Despite fears that the competition would not take place this year due to budget cuts on a national level, this year’s We the People state competition took place as planned. Students arrived at Marquette ea...

A Year to Look Forward To

June 24, 2011

Reporter: Erin Stapleton We are officially in “summer mode;” the days are carefree and blissful without the burden of homework or exams. Once August approaches, however, the reality of school will hit us hard with its dreary nature and we will have to prepare for the new school year we dread; although, this year we actually have things to look forward to. Wauwatosa West High School will be commemor...

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