West Side Stories

Doctor, Doctor

November 3, 2011

They make you wait with your parents in silly children’s rooms with ridiculous wallpaper. They make you gag after they forget that they have told you to open your mouth wide and say “Ahhhhh”. Who are they? They are the infamous doctors of our world. Doctors are said to be some of the smartest people on the face of the planet. They endure way too many years in college and take on intense com...

“The Last Text” Presentation

November 2, 2011

Each Wednesday, students discuss something different in homeroom. In the past month, academic s and career planning were featured frequently, but on November 2nd, discussion took a more somber turn when students talked about the dangers of texting while driving. At the beginning of homeroom, students texted in to an online poll regarding their opinions on texting while driving. (See below.) This w...

Legalizing Marijuana

August 18, 2010

In the revealing question of how full a glass is with water, an optimist is known for the opinion that the glass is “half full”; the pessimist for reporting that the glass is half empty. For realists like myself, the question is trivial and meaningless. The value of the question is indeed not scientific, but somewhat metaphysical. Realism, unmarred by optimistic or pessimistic doctrine, is our...

Soda and Cancer

August 18, 2010

John Meute was only forty four when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. “I had been in pain for quite some time,” says Muete, now 45, “a tumor had collapsed the main bile duct of my pancreas”. Obese for much of his life, Muete was the classic victim of this deadly disease. Studies by the American Cancer Society show excess body fat can increase risk of pancreatic cancer as much as 33%....

Healthcare Inc.

August 18, 2010

I had originally written my last column ripping Kate Gosselin apart for the way she has exploited her eight children to a reality television series only to make obscene amounts of money. However; when I was in the car with my mom this morning, she gave me news of my grandfather and I immediately changed my channel of thought. Note that my grandfather has faced his share of pain through multiple ca...

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