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Juniors Alec White, left, and Simon Doyle, right, wear togas on toga day.

Wauwatosa West Students Participate in Homecoming Week

September 24, 2019

Wauwatosa West Homecoming Spirit Week starts on Monday, September 23rd and concludes with the dance on Saturday, September 28th. Each school day features a “spirit” dress u...

Homecoming DJ Reflection

October 23, 2013

Like always, homecoming came and went at Wauwatosa West with a fun-filled week of spirit, games, football, and, of course, the homecoming dance. In keeping with the “under the sea” theme for the homecoming 2013 dance, the dance area was decorated with blue lights, and bubbles floated down over the dance floor. However, there were many complaints about the DJ and his music. “I kinda had fun, But th...

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Homecoming Dance