West Side Stories

Maxfield’s Pancake House

November 10, 2011

By Jennifer Flynn, Sarah Otto and Caylin Rosene Juniors Jennifer Flynn, Sarah Otto and Caylin Rosene tried out Maxfield’s Pancake House, a newly opened breakfast and sandwich restaurant located in One Mayfair Place (near Chipotle), adjacent to Whitman Middle School. The girls separately reviewed the restaurant’s service and food for West Side Stories. Caylin: When we first walked into Maxfie...

Thomas Steiner Technology Center

September 2, 2010

From listening to people talk at school registration, it became obvious that a lot of changes are being made throughout West this year. Some of these are new locker arrangements, new homerooms, and of course, a new principal. One new addition that not everyone may know much about is the Thomas Steiner Technology Center recently finished in the library. According to Frank Calarco, West principal, this...

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