West Side Stories

Hannah and Taylor: West’s Own Stars

June 11, 2011

div.container { float: right; border: 4px solid white; } Staff Writer Jimmy Kralj They have graced the stage in the West auditorium many of times. They’ve been a Godmother, Cinderella, Shylock, Portia, as well as a variety of other roles but now they hope to expand their repertoire as they take their talents to the college stage. Hannah Barbeau and Taylor Peterson-Burke will both be continu...

Silly Bandz

January 16, 2011

Standing in the hallways at Wauwatosa West, one might notice a strange ac­cessory appearing on the wrists of many students. At first glance one might think they are florescent rubber bands, but no, these increas­ingly popular bracelets are Silly Bandz and their popu­larity has exploded over the past few months. Originally designed in Japan as a more durable office rubber band in 2002, they have...

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