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2013-2014 Registration

August 11, 2013

Wauwatosa West High School students will register for the 2013-2014 school year on Tuesday, August 13th from 12pm - 6pm and Wednesday, August 14th from 8am - 2pm. At registration students will turn in important forms, have their picture taken for the school yearbook and school i.d., as well as paying fees for school, activity passes, and/or yearbooks. Most West students will not sign up for classes...

What are You Doing Over Break?

April 9, 2012

Freshman Juhi Mody: “I am going over to my friend’s for a sleepover and they’re coming over for a sleepover at my home.” Freshman Bryan Giguere: “I’m going to Florida” Teacher James Ludeman: “I’m planning on sticking around the house and get yardwork done. This weekend I want to go to the bike expo at State Fair. My children are coming into town for Easter.” Freshman Orin Eckes:...

Respite Day: Annual Day of Service

January 16, 2012

All students at Wauwatosa West High School have off Monday, January 16th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but many are still coming to school anyway. Why? For Respite Day. Respite day is a service day when parents drop off their special-needs kids at West and members of Key Club, along with other volunteers, look after them. This gives parents a well-deserved break and the kids a day of singing, dancin...

Key Club

November 15, 2011

Most students at Wauwatosa West know about the Trojan Way, which calls for them to “be responsible, respectful, and connected and engaged.” Of course, these rules apply to all the people at West, but the members of Key Club go above and beyond what the Trojan Way asks of students. Those in Key Club volunteer and get involved in the community by doing all sorts of things. They help with school...

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