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The Hunger Games: Living Up to Expectations

May 3, 2012

Last week a new phenomenon swept the nation: The Hunger Games. It made 19.7 billion dollars on its midnight showing alone, and is unique in that it does not involve vampires, werewolves, or Hogwarts. It is the story of a post-apocalyptic North America divided into 12 districts, where the Capital, or the central government, controls the lives of all the district’s citizens. The ubiquity of the ...

The 2012 Academy Awards

February 16, 2012

Introduction: Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again: the Oscars have finally arrived. The nominees this year are fair. The movie Hugo leads with 11 nominations. Many films, on the other hand, were snubbed -- specifically, Drive and 50/50. But you have to do the best with your options, so below are my picks for every category in this year’s Academy Awards, with commentary fo...

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