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Taking Over the Stage…One Front Woman at a Time

February 6, 2012

Riddle me this: What do Juliet Simms and Dia Frampton have in common? Many may respond with either "they are both the front women of rock bands" or "they both had runs on Vans Warped Tour". While both of those answers are correct, there is one more huge similarity that has recently sprung upon everyone's knowledge. Both talented young artists have been featured on NBC's newest hit show, The Voice. Before...

Warped Tour 2011

August 20, 2011

Let me start this blog entry off by asking you a question: With society the way it is nowadays, would you ever think that there was still a place where everyone was accepted, no matter what hair color you had or if you had chains hanging from your pants or not? A place where no matter everyone's differences, people came together and helped one another out if a problem arose? Now, I assume you're thinking,...

Tips for Surviving Warped Tour

August 20, 2011

Planning on going to Warped Tour next summer and you don't know what to expect? Here are a few tips to know before you journey into the great unknown. Tip #1: While waiting in line to get into the venue, bands will approach you asking you to check out their music. Don't hesitate to give their music a chance! Their cd could possibly be the best music your ears have ever heard. Tip #2: You may think you'r...

All Time Low: Basement Band to World Tours

July 7, 2011

If you are a fan or know anything about the pop/punk music scene, you most likely have heard of All Time Low, whether it was from your favorite band member you're talking to who is best buds with Rian Dawson or from hearing Alex Gaskarth lend his vocals on a track from a cd you just purchased from a band member who begged you to buy their album. Either way, 86% of the tweenage population has heard of t...

Sean Mackin, Yellowcard, and…Ghosts?

May 7, 2011

Getting a personal tour of the haunted pool at the Rave from Sean Mackin of Yellowcard, lava lamps, and randomly running into Stephen Gomez (bassist of the Summer Set) while in the haunted pool. Sounds like a typical interview, right? Okay... so maybe the interview I had with Sean Mackin, violinist for Yellowcard, wasn't your average interview, but it was definitely an adventure in itself. Let me start from the beginning of all the...

A Rocket to the Moon

August 18, 2010

Formed by Massachusetts-native, Nick Santino (vocals/guitar), A Rocket to the Moon has proven to fans that the word “predictable” is not in their vocabulary. From crashing weddings to having songs range from pop to country, Nick, Eric (bass), Justin (guitar), and Andrew (drums) show that they have a lot of offer to their fans. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Eric “Halvo” Halvorsen...

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