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Wauwatosa East Junior Sarah Gifford presents her slideshow at the school board meeting.

School Board Focuses on Mental Health at Meeting

January 31, 2020

Wauwatosa East Junior Sarah Gifford presented a slideshow on school shootings and mental health at the Wauwatosa School Board meeting on January 27th.  The presentation by ...

Over 200 Wauwatosa West students participated in a student led

Walking Out Not as Easy as it Seems for Students

December 20, 2019

It may seem easy to "walk out" of school to protest school safety issues, all you have to do is take a few steps and you’re outside. But for some students deciding to participat...

Walkout organizers pose in front of the Wauwatosa West sign.

Enough is Enough: Wauwatosa West Students Speak Out About Gun Violence

December 9, 2019

Wauwatosa West High School Senior Michael Orlowski is organizing a student walkout to end the recent acts of gun violence in schools around Wisconsin.  The communities of Waukesha and Oshkosh are ...

Recent Shooting at Wauwatosa Strip Mall Raises Safety Concerns for Nearby Schools

Recent Shooting at Wauwatosa Strip Mall Raises Safety Concerns for Nearby Schools

October 1, 2019

An altercation between two customers leading to a shooting at Ly Ly Nails in Wauwatosa raised safety concerns at local schools. The shooting caused the owner of Ly Ly Nails to ...

Breitlow Shooting Still Relevant

Serena Stern and Erin Scholtus

December 9, 2018

In the wake of yet another shooting, America mourns the loss of those who were killed. As some advocate for change, a problematic mindset has people thinking, “That could never happen here.” As a matter of fact, it has. In the year 1993, assistant principal Dale Breitlow was shot in the hallway of Wauwatosa West by a former student. The attack was carried out by Leonard McDowell, 21 years old at ...

West Math Teacher Retires After Teaching Over 3 Decades

West Math Teacher Retires After Teaching Over 3 Decades

May 29, 2018

She’s standing at the front board of her classroom at Wauwatosa West High School. She models a math problem on the board with her chalk while she hears the pencils scribblin...

School Safety According To West Students

School Safety According To West Students

May 20, 2018

Another school shooting occurred on Friday, May 18th at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. 9 students and 1 teacher were killed.  In 2018, there have been 68 shootings in...

Emergency Drill Done in 2012 Still Current Today

May 20, 2018

To better prepare for dangerous events in schools the Wauwatosa School District, Fire, and Police Departments teamed up to participate in a situation preparedness exercise. Although...

Connecticut School Shooting Reaffirms Importance of Crisis Drill Held in Spring

December 15, 2012

The shooting at a Connecticut elementary school is the most recent in a series of shootings over the past several months including one earlier this week in Oregon. Last May Wauwatosa West students played a part in a crisis drill set up by the police department, fire department, and school district at Whitman Middle school that played out a variety of scenarios where a shooter entered the school. “The...

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