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Tips to Getting In Shape for Summer

Tips to Getting In Shape for Summer

April 17, 2018

According to the National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study only 12% of high school students getting enough exercise to be in shape. And with all the summer activiti...

Summer Set Returns to Rave

April 25, 2013

Are you ready for a Legendary Friday Night? The Arizona power-pop band, The Summer Set, returns to The Rave this Friday, April 26th for a one night show. After a block wide blackout caused the cancellation of  March 8th show at the Rave, the Summer Set are back in town to make up their missed show.  The opening acts are different from the Wake Up and Be Awesome tour in March.  Friday night’s ...

Warped Tour 2011

August 20, 2011

Let me start this blog entry off by asking you a question: With society the way it is nowadays, would you ever think that there was still a place where everyone was accepted, no matter what hair color you had or if you had chains hanging from your pants or not? A place where no matter everyone's differences, people came together and helped one another out if a problem arose? Now, I assume you're thinking,...

Tips for Surviving Warped Tour

August 20, 2011

Planning on going to Warped Tour next summer and you don't know what to expect? Here are a few tips to know before you journey into the great unknown. Tip #1: While waiting in line to get into the venue, bands will approach you asking you to check out their music. Don't hesitate to give their music a chance! Their cd could possibly be the best music your ears have ever heard. Tip #2: You may think you'r...

A Year to Look Forward To

June 24, 2011

Reporter: Erin Stapleton We are officially in “summer mode;” the days are carefree and blissful without the burden of homework or exams. Once August approaches, however, the reality of school will hit us hard with its dreary nature and we will have to prepare for the new school year we dread; although, this year we actually have things to look forward to. Wauwatosa West High School will be commemor...

The Best of West

June 11, 2011

Upon opening the agendas of all seniors (or at least all seniors who have not yet burned their planners in a fit of senioritis-induced rage) one will certainly find a countdown scribbled in the corner of each week. Twelfth graders are noticeably impatient to move on—proudly sporting sweatshirts with college emblems and speaking primarily of which dorms are best. However, this transitional period...

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