West Side Stories

Summer Set Returns to Rave

April 25, 2013

Are you ready for a Legendary Friday Night? The Arizona power-pop band, The Summer Set, returns to The Rave this Friday, April 26th for a one night show. After a block wide blackout caused the cancellation of  March 8th show at the Rave, the Summer Set are back in town to make up their missed show.  The opening acts are different from the Wake Up and Be Awesome tour in March.  Friday night’s ...

Sean Mackin, Yellowcard, and…Ghosts?

May 7, 2011

Getting a personal tour of the haunted pool at the Rave from Sean Mackin of Yellowcard, lava lamps, and randomly running into Stephen Gomez (bassist of the Summer Set) while in the haunted pool. Sounds like a typical interview, right? Okay... so maybe the interview I had with Sean Mackin, violinist for Yellowcard, wasn't your average interview, but it was definitely an adventure in itself. Let me start from the beginning of all the...

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