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Canine unit Zev and his handler, Wauwatosa Police Officer Ben Ziegler

Day in the Life of a Wauwatosa Police Dog

March 26, 2020

“He’s a very good partner and I couldn’t see myself working without him,” explains Wauwatosa Police Officer Ben Ziegler about his partner, a dog named Zev. Last April the...

Day in the Life of a Wauwatosa Firefighter

Bea Lazarski and Ava Beisenstien

March 25, 2020

¨I truly believe it’s the best job in the world,¨ explains Wauwatosa firefighter Zak Ruggirello of his childhood dream job. Ruggirello first earned his Bachelor’s degree in Education, but after realizing teaching wasn’t for him, he started working on completing his Fire and EMS Certifications through a tech school while volunteering for a local fire department. Ruggirello has worked as a fire...

New Tosa West Associate Principal Clint Grochowski Begins Thursday

December 18, 2012

Photographer: Molly Fritsch Clint Grochowski will be starting as the new associate principal Thursday, December 20th after being approved by the School Board Monday, December 10th. As part of the selection process, Grochowski went through an extensive selection process including an interview with a panel of Wauwatosa West stakeholders and two interviews with Principal Frank Calarco and Superintende...

Wauwatosa West Students and Staff Get Into the Holiday Spirit

December 18, 2012

Photo: Cailyn Rosene Make no mistake- the holidays have arrived. The twinkling lights on trees, music playing throughout stores adds to the hustle and bustle of people stirring up “Holiday Spirit” everywhere. Traditions are what make each holiday spirit special and unique. West senior Jessica Pike starts her own traditions on Black Friday as her family made their annual trip to see the big m...

Largest Snowfall of the Year in Tosa

February 24, 2012

Without the typical winter weather that we’re used to in Wisconsin, people haven’t had to deal with the hassle of snowed-in sidewalks and slippery roads. The average snow accumulation in the Milwaukee area is typically between 40-50 inches every year, and so far this winter we have had less than 20. The sudden snowfall came as a shock, and brought mixed emotions among the students here at West...

Bauer Brawl Wrestling

January 16, 2012

Wauwatosa's joint wrestling team competed in the Bauer Brawl at Whitnall High School, Johnson Creek High School, and Cudahay from January 7-13. The team finished with a third place win overall. School and individual standings can be found below. Team Scores 1.Nathan Hale198.5 2.Wilmot Union159.5 3.Wauwatosa E/W124.0 4.Milwaukee Riverside123.0 5.Racine Horlick115.0 6.Whitefish Bay99.0 7.Cedarburg93.0 8...

Footloose: Movie or Musical?

November 24, 2011

Well, as you probably know, Wauwatosa West recently had another triumph in the theater department with their production of Footloose. This musical is based on an 80’s film in which a big city kid, Ren McCormick, moves to the country town of Beaumont and fights to repeal a law that bans dancing. Footloose was also was recently remade on the big screen. Clearly there’s only one thing to do: review...

More than Just Pumpkin Pie

November 23, 2011

Along with Christmas, many would describe Thanksgiving as one of their favorite holidays. And really, what's not to like? In most cases, students get off of school and get to feast with their family and friends. On top of that, the arrival of Thanksgiving means that Christmas and New Years are right around the corner. However, you may be surprised to find that similar celebrations occur around the world and have throughout history. “[On] Tha...

Nearby Offbeat Stores

November 1, 2011

It seems like all the stores in the mall are the same: fashionable clothes on the rack, trendy music playing in the background and overeager sales people swarming around you. However, not all stores are like that. There are several area stores that are very different, and are sure to offer you a unique shopping experience. The first of these stores is Locker’s Flower Shop, located at 9125 North Avenue. It is filled with every sort of flower, from roses to carnations. You can buy flowers individually, or you...

Alumni Spotlights

October 19, 2011

Jeremy Tardy: Class of 2009 Fashion Fever: Skinny Jeans, Girbaud, Coogi, Shutter Shades Special Place at West: One of the dressing rooms for the theater has a wall where people who have performed throughout the years have signed their names, I wrote my name in 2009 during “Macbeth.” Event with Impact on School Culture: The rule at Mayfair Mall that prohibited students under 18 to enter the mal...

West Theater Presents Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare April 14,15,16

April 12, 2011

 "To be, or not to be, that is the question." High school theater directors may ask themselves this exact question when determining what play to choose for their cast. Many run away from Shakespeare’s plays for the mere fact that it does not typically attract large crowds and may be considered too challenging for a high school cast, which frightens them; but Wauwatosa West is fearless. The Wauwatosa...

Miss Saigon’s Thailand Flavors

March 27, 2011

The first time I had egg rolls, they were repulsive; but that was before I went to Miss Saigon's on the corner of 92nd and Center Street in Wauwatosa. Miss Saigon's opened early this March in the space formerly occupied by Smoothielicious. It is a Vietnamese restaurant that offers food for everyone. They have a variety of flavors of smoothies, spring rolls, entrees, such as a sautéed black pepper...

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